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Construction Cases Can Be Quite Complicated

Construction law can be especially complex. If you find yourself in a dispute, it is important to get advice from a knowledgeable attorney. Fenley LLP has worked with clients throughout New York. Our founding lawyer, Jason Fenley, is committed to helping you understand your rights. Together you can make smart decisions regarding your specific situation.

Representing Your Best Interests From Beginning To End

While this is a general practice area, our skills are geared towards contractors who have disputes in construction matters. Whether you are not getting paid, dealing with a breach of contract, having subcontractor issues or are facing other disputes related to the development of a property, we can help. In these cases, tempers can run high. We often see people trying to assert their rights or expectations under a signed contract. This is where our firm will step in.

As always, our goal is to solve each dispute amicably. Sometimes, things can be handled out of court. Other times, it becomes necessary to go in front of a judge. No matter where your case takes you, we pivot accordingly. Our job is to represent your best interests. We also communicate with our clients and let them know the pros and cons of each decision. After discussing your options, we will do everything we can to reach a favorable result. Put your trust in an attorney with over 15 years of litigation experience.

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