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Do mechanical failures cause amusement park accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Defective Products

Amusement parks provide a sense of wonder and joy for those looking for a fun time. Attendees may seek out thrills by purchasing a ticket to a roller coaster ride. No matter what someone’s “ride comfort level” is, a participant seeks to avoid injuries. Did the management at a favorite New York amusement park do its part to keep visitors from getting hurt?

Amusement park rides and product defects

Consumers might look at toasters and televisions as “products,” and they may see amusement park attractions as something different. If someone gets hurt due to a defective product, they would probably seek legal compensation. Anyone burned by a defective consumer electronics item may contact an attorney. So, why wouldn’t someone do the same when amusement park rides fail?

Imagine the terrible scenario of someone being flung from a ride because safety belts failed to work. Another person could suffer a medical emergency on a Ferris wheel when it stops moving, and the person is unable to reach the ground or alert the staff.

Questions about negligence would likely arise when someone gets hurt. If an amusement park’s management ignored mechanical problems, the park may end up paying.

Mechanical defects and dangers

Routine maintenance could prevent minor problems from becoming worse. A technician may uncover problems with a ride’s gears and perform an immediate repair. When management neglects to perform inspections or avoids repairs as a cost-cutting measure, such behavior could be negligent.

Mechanical failures aren’t the only reasons for injuries. An employee may operate the ride improperly, or the passengers could engage in dangerous horseplay. An investigation might reveal the cause, and the amusement park’s owners, contractors, and others could be at fault.

Insurance settlements may cover injury expenses. However, a lawsuit might be unavoidable in some situations.