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Why would a child’s toy receive a recall notice?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Defective Products

Adults might be wary about the dangers associated with certain products. For example, upon hearing about a vehicle recall, an owner may take their car to the dealer right away. Young children and infants rely on their parents to be mindful of recalls since adults serve as their guardians. New York residents may want to keep an eye out for news about toy recalls as these products could come with dangerous defects. Sadly, some defective toys could prove fatal to a child.

A recall issued for rattlers

In April, a recall was issued regarding Playgro’s Clip Clop activity rattles. The rattles come with an abacus ring with connected beads. If the abacus ring comes loose, the beads may come free. Those beads present a choking hazard, which is the reason for the recall.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall. The agency recommends that parents immediately take all of these rattles away from infants. Choking hazards represent significant dangers, so the recall could save lives.

Reviewing the CPSC list

Not every parent purchased the activity rattle at the center of this particular recall, but did a parent, another relative or a family friend give a different potentially dangerous toy to a child? Checking the CPSC product recall list might be something that parents, guardians, teachers and others need to do right away. If it turns out that the child has a toy present on the list, an adult could take action to get the dangerous toy out of the child’s hands.

Unfortunately, it could take time for the government agency to discover a problem with a new product on the market. Sometimes, the defect goes unnoticed until it is too late. If a child does end up hurt, a defective products civil suit may follow to recover damages.

An attorney may review the legal options available to victims suffering from defective product-related injuries. An attorney might help victims explore insurance claim settlement options.