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Amazon faces liability over sales of defective products

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Defective Products

Amazon was recently sued by consumers in New York and elsewhere for product liability. After consumers suffered injuries after purchasing defective products sold by third-party sellers through the online sales giant, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission stepped in. A class-action was started against Amazon to hold it liable for the damages suffered by consumers.

What does the complaint state?

The complaint, which was filed on July 14 2021 by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, seeks to hold Amazon liable for defective products it sold consumers through its third-party marketplace.

The lawsuit states that Amazon sold a variety of products that fail to meet safety standards. Among those products were around 24,000 carbon monoxide detectors that didn’t activate when carbon monoxide was present in the air, children’s pajamas that were flammable, and around 400,000 hair dryers that could potentially cause an electric shock to users. These products were sold by third parties through Fulfillment by Amazon.

What actions did Amazon take after being notified of the dangers with the products?

The CPSC notified Amazon to let the company know about the defective products. Afterward, Amazon removed a few of the listings on its website, notified customers that some products carried risk, and offered refunds to those who purchased those products. However, the CSPC included in its complaint that these actions were not enough and that Amazon didn’t take responsibility.

There are multiple product liability lawsuits across the country against Amazon. The goal is to hold the company liable for any injuries and damages caused by defective products it has sold through its marketplace.

Who can you turn to for legal assistance?

Being injured after using defective products can be devastating. If this has happened to you, speaking with an attorney is often helpful. An attorney could help you prepare your lawsuit and hold the right party liable so you can recover compensation.