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Dangers behind baby rockers

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Products Liability

Baby rockers, sometimes called bouncinettes, are some of the essential items for your New York nursery. Unfortunately, baby rockers are resulting in more infant death annually. Most of these deaths occur in unsupervised situations. Leaving babies strapped in bouncinettes is not safe since the children can fall asleep in dangerous positions, resulting in death. In New York and around the country, there have been several warnings of the potential risks of baby rockers. Additionally, some manufacturers have recalled some of the models.

The problem with baby rockers

Most products with names such as sleeper, napper or rocker might not be safe for your baby. Your baby is at risk of rolling over to their stomach or pushing the back of the rocker, compressing their airways. Infants ought to sleep flat on their back on a firm surface. Baby rocker accidents could form the basis of a products liability claim.

What parents need to consider

Most baby nursery products are safe. However, many parents are at crossroads on the safest ones to choose. With enough research, you will get the safest and most efficient products. Before buying any product for your infant, you need to consider:

  • Is the product safe?
  • What are the benefits and potential hazards of using the product?
  • Using the product safely
  • How is the product influencing my child?

What if the baby has a reflux?

Lying on a flat, firm and well-fitting mattress allows babies to breathe better. A tilted or elevated surface poses a danger to your infant. Thus, always ensure that your baby never falls asleep in their rocker. Although car seats keep your baby safe, they are not ideal for sleeping . Consider consulting a pediatrician to help identify safe products for your baby.