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Treadmills may cause child injuries

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Injuries To Children

A home treadmill may pose a danger for a child. A treadmill is a large and powerful machine, so it can be overpowering for a small child. In New York, a child injury that occurs because of a treadmill may be grounds for financial compensation from the manufacturer.

Dangers of treadmills to children

Because of their small size compared to adults, children may be especially at risk for injuries from home exercise equipment like treadmills. The spinning belt of a treadmill may pin a child against a wall or drag them underneath the machine. The treadmill may cause injuries to children that include crushed organs or skin burns. Injuries can happen quickly despite efforts from parents and caregivers to keep children safe.

Legal rights for child treadmill injuries

In New York, a child who is injured because of a treadmill accident may have the right to claim financial compensation. The basis of the case may be the design of the treadmill. A company must manufacture products that are fit for the public to use.

Manufacturers know that people buy personal treadmills for use in their homes. They know that any children in the home may be at heightened risk from a large machine. If there are design flaws that put children at risk, the manufacturer may owe the victim compensation after an injury occurs. In addition to poor design, a claim for compensation following a treadmill injury to a child may be based on a manufacturing error that puts a faulty product into the stream of commerce.

Understanding your rights after a treadmill injury

If your child is injured by a treadmill, it’s important to determine the cause of the injury. The manufacturer may be liable for damages even if it did not cause the accident on purpose. When you understand the cause of the accident and your legal rights, you may be able to pursue the compensation that you deserve.