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Rise in child magnet ingestion injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Injuries To Children

Some New York shops carry high-powered magnets in the form of various different products. Some are marketed as educational tools while others are marketed as stress relief toys. The reality is that these magnets are becoming some of the most dangerous ingestion hazards for kids.

Previous history

Unfortunately, many children have been injured by magnets over the years. Magnet manufacturers were actually banned from producing products for two years due to the danger of ingestion by small children. Studies have shown that the number of ingestion cases has surged over the past four years since the ban was lifted. This further cements the fact that these magnetic products are dangerous to children.

More than just a choking hazard

It’s common to think that the major issue of these magnets is creating a choking hazard for children. However, the damage goes much further. Many injuries that children suffer are a result of sepsis, tissue necrosis and other obstructions to the blood supply. These magnets are so high-powered that if more than one is swallowed, the magnets could attract each other across the body’s tissue. This can cut off blood supply to the various organs and even result in fatality.

When a child ingests a high-power magnet, they should be taken to the emergency room right away. Typically, an emergency endoscopy or abdominal surgery is performed to remove the magnet or magnets from the body. Many surgeons have raised concerns over toy magnets due to the number that they’re removing from the digestive systems of children.

While parents may look at magnets in a stress relief product or an educational tool as just a component, these tiny magnets are becoming a digestive hazard for young children who are ingesting them. It’s best to avoid having these within reach when young children are around. If children get injured due to a defective product, it may be beneficial to ask a personal injury attorney for help.