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Who’s responsible for your child’s injuries on a playground?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Injuries To Children

When someone installs playground equipment on their New York property, they have a responsibility to ensure that the equipment is safe to use. Otherwise, they might be vulnerable to lawsuits if a child injures themselves. If your child was injured on playground equipment, the first step is figuring out who’s legally responsible.

How do you determine fault after a playground injury?

For a successful personal injury claim, you’ll have to argue that the other party had a duty to keep your child safe. If a property owner has a playground on the premises, they’re legally obligated to look out for the children’s safety. Your personal injury attorney might advise you to sue the school, daycare, restaurant or another facility where your child was injured.

This also includes private property owners. If your child was playing at their friend’s house and injured themselves on the playground equipment, you might be able to sue the homeowners. Technically, you could sue the homeowners even if your child snuck onto their property without their knowledge. When someone owns playground equipment, it’s their responsibility to inspect and maintain the equipment to prevent injuries to children.

Equipment manufacturers also have a responsibility to keep children safe. If your child injured themselves on defective equipment, you might be able to sue the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer might have sold defective parts, used hazardous materials or neglected to provide safety information for homeowners.

Can you collect compensation on your child’s behalf?

As your child’s parent or legal guardian, you could launch a case on their behalf and receive compensation for their medical bills, physical suffering and emotional damages. An attorney could help you determine fault and sue the party that caused your child’s injuries.